I thought you should know, on Saturday, the family was going bowling.  We
were getting ready when, Ariel came running into my room with the biggest
smile on her face! She said mom look!

I couldn’t put these pants on two months ago and now I can wear them again.

She was sooo happy! At that moment I thought of you.

Thanks Scott for helping us
– Andree’



I’m a very active person, but for many years in teaching dance classes my body wasn’t loosing the weight and staying as in shape as I wanted it to. It was so used to the same continuous thing it was not responding as well as it used to.  Of course some could just be with age things start to change. From many people I had heard Scott Andrews would be the one to see to get me into a body exercise  program. Even my doctor said you need to do something else to have your body change.  I  didn’t know if I really could handle fitting time into my busy week, but I’m so glad I gave it a try.

Scott worked me up a program when I told him what I  felt I wanted to change. He was so patient in teaching me what each machine would do. He stayed with me showing me how to use them the correct way and how many times as a beginner to the gym I needed.  He was strict about I had to do it correct so it would work and I didn’t hurt myself . It’s not always easy to get there three times a week, but I try to get there two and at least once. Even when I only make it once a week I’m now feeling the importance of what he has taught me I should do. There’s time I will be so busy I will have to miss, but I know for a fact with the program Scott took time to work up for me I will continue until he thanks I can move on to more and harder. Scott has shown me what it will do and I will make it part of my life as often as I can. The first week I went I was a little nervous and when a few day’s later I was so sore in the legs and joints I new it was working parts of my body that had not been worked for a long time.

Thanks Scott for being patient with me and being the reason I will continue. I’m so glad I came to you to get started with the right program.

You know your stuff.
– Fran Johns

Scott is a wonderful trainer.  I
gave him what I felt was an impossible goal, and he helped me to achieve
it in less time than I expected.  His routines are dynamic and fun.  Scott
also keeps you very motivated and makes you want to achieve more.

– Kelley Cutillo
Exit Extreme Realty
(813) 679-0997

I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude and my appreciation for all you helped
me accomplish.  Six months ago I hit my heaviest weight ever.  To look
at yourself and know that you have let your bad habits take control of
your life was absolutely miserable.  I was challenged by a friend to do
a triathlon which was 8 weeks away.  At 230 pounds, super setting
McDonalds and all you can eat Chinese buffets, I felt that there was no
way I could be a part of it.  After meeting with you and talking it out,
your encouragement and your drive for me to succeed, was all I needed to
push me to an unbelievable new point.  You have encouraged me and many
of my peers to look at their lives.  Everyone has begun to make
changes!  I am now signed up for my 2nd triathlon and have
made a commitment to my wife and my kids that I would never allow myself
to go back to that point.  I know that ultimately you can’t make anyone
do anything, but Scott please hear me when I say you truly do have a
heart for people and everyone appreciates it.  Your boot camps were so
challenging, but yet done in a way that made it so fun!  I would
encourage anyone to try one out!  Thanks again for all you helped me

– Kurt Schaer

Why does this fitness
program work for me? Why do I like it so much? What drives me to continue to
work hard and succeed to achieve my fitness goals?

 These are questions
asked to me by only a few people and the one main person who has asked is my
boot camp instructor Scott Andrews.  Scott is also the fitness director at
my local recreation center and is a personal trainer as well. Like so many
other people I go to the gym and have been for many years. Like so many
people I have tried various “diets”, joined Weight Watchers and was
successful, only to gain those pounds back.

 When I heard back in
January, 2009 that Scott would be starting boot camp sessions I was excited
to finally see something different added to our community.  I’ve always
wanted to try something like this but had that fear of the unknown. What if
I can’t do it? What if I look silly? Those thoughts didn’t last long.  I’m
44 years old and at this point in my life, who cares?  I needed to lose a
few pounds. I need to lose a few inches and I just wanted to be in better
shape. As Scott has reminded me numerous times, women at my age…….and the
list goes on.

 So I did it. March 2009
boot camp sessions started. I couldn’t run a mile. I couldn’t do 3 push ups
in a row. I struggled to keep up with the younger ones and some of the older
ones too!  

 The group atmosphere is
a major contributor to my success. These people are great. I couldn’t have
met a better group of people anywhere else. I’ve made new friends. And these
friends are all there for the same reason. And this makes me want to come

 Every day the sessions
are different. I have no idea what Scott has planned and this makes me not
think about what’s coming up next. You don’t have time, you just do it.
Getting sweaty and dirty and lifting tires in the rain is for me.  Climbing
walls, pushing trucks and then those fun but hard games he throws in there. 
And when you’re done, you think YES! I completed another session. I did it.

 I love the friendly
competition amongst the group. This is what pushes me to work harder. It can
be intense and yet fun at the same time.

 I am definitely not a
Shapes or Curves kind of girl.

 Scott sends update
emails to his group. These emails vary from being motivational, encouraging
or informative health topics. These are nice reminders to have.  What he
tells us is basically what we all already know but need a little reminder
and a jolt every now and then. It’s just back to the basics. Watch what’s on
your plate and exercise. 

 With all these
contributors in this fitness program, I have lost 8 pounds, many, many
inches and a little over 5% body fat. I’ve gone from a size 8 to a size 6. I
can now run 3 miles without stopping. I can do over 60 timed push ups and
sit ups and keep up with those younger ones and those older ones!  

 I go to boot camp twice
a week, ABS class twice a week and I hit the gym two to three times a week.
If I don’t make it to the gym, I run outside. I now have the motivation and
the stamina to do it. Am I done? No. I have new goals.

 So try something new. I
did and this works for me. I hope that everyone reading this will give it a
try.  Success won’t happen overnight. Be patient and watch the wonderful

October 3, 2009
– Kris Bexley

I am so very thankful for boot camp.  When I was in high school, fitness was
a priority for me … I ran track, played soccer, worked out in the gym
religiously, ran for fun. And then, life got in the way.  I tried working
out at home but it never lasted very long.  Boot camp is perfect for me.  My
kids even love it and I am thankful that they have a place to go (and are
old enough) to play while I get that much needed "me" time.  For me, it’s
much more than working out.  It’s a stress reliever and a confidence
booster.  Stacey makes fun of me for being so "obsessed" but I am proud of
the strength I have obtained over such a short period of time.  So, thank
you, thank you, thank you, Scott.  You HAVE made a difference in my life. 

– Jennifer

Last March, I made the decision to attend Scott Andrew’s Boot Camp Work-Outs
to see if it was something that I could do on a regular basis to improve my
health. I felt that I was in good condition before I started, but quickly
learned that an hour of his work-outs had me gasping for breath. (That’s a
good thing!) This meant that I had work to do and was not as physically fit
as I should be. After several months of attending Boot-Camp at least two
times a week and many time three, I can honestly say that I have not been in
this good of shape and condition in at least 15 years. I feeling like I have
more energy and strength and have accomplished an important goal, and that
is, at 58, to be healthy and stay physically active.

The work-outs vary and Scott mixes it up so that what we do changes each
session. We do things as simple as tug-of-war, which in it’s self is good
for conditioning, to simple things such as push-ups , sit-ups and slow jogs.
I simply feel stronger, have more energy and flexibility than I can
remember. I feel like I’m cheating myself when I miss my regular work-out
with Scott’s Boot Camp. .
– Dan Rosenthal